Leadership Lexington Youth


About the Program

MISSION: Our mission is to prepare diverse individuals for leadership through education and hands-on interaction, touching upon issues and resources pertaining to our community. The program will motivate the students to think seriously about the role they’d like to play and the difference they can make in the Lexington community.

ELIGIBILITY: This unique opportunity is for 11th grade students enrolled in Fayette County Schools (private, parochial, montessori and public). Home schoolers are encouraged to apply as well. Students who are currently sophomores are encouraged to apply for the upcoming school year, making them Juniors for the 2014-15 school year.

STRUCTURE: Applications must be submitted in hard copy by March 28, 2014 to your school contact (listed on application). Recommendation letters should be included in the application when submitted to the school contact. Commerce Lexington will only accept applications from home schooled students on March 28th. Schools will turn in to Commerce Lexington a representative number of applications based on the school enrollment. Those applications will then go into the county-wide application pool for blind scoring by the LLYP Steering Committee followed by interviews at Commerce Lexington.


• Provides in-depth programs that acquaint participants with community needs, issues and resources.
• Meet and interact with local leaders and decision makers.
• Visit local business, community and education sites and facilities.
• Broadens students perspective and understanding of community involvement.
• Connects to opportunities and challenges faced in career development.
• Fosters leadership development.
• Provides opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds to know one another and develop a level of mutual trust and respect.
• Creates a network of young leaders to guide the future of our community.

For more information about the Leadership Lexington Youth Program, contact Amy Carrington Stallard, program coordinator, at (859) 226-1610.

2014-15 Program Presented By:


James Motor Company / Mercedes-Benz
Sleep Outfitters
Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Inc.


Leadership Lexington Youth: Media & Arts Day Recap

Article by Emily Chavez, Henry Clay High School
The Leadership Lexington Youth Program spent the first Wednesday of December exploring the impact of media and arts in the city of Lexington. We started the day at the WKYT News Studio. In addition to interacting with the news anchors we recognized from television, we got to speak with other members of the staff that are behind the cameras. There are producers working 24/7 and writers who spend endless hours creating much of the material we see on WKYT. It was amazing to see all the work that goes into just one news broadcast.

From there, LLYP traveled to the Lyric Theatre and Cultural Arts Center. This was originally an African-American theatre during times of segregation and after going through many transformations is now a venue for a variety of shows. With the historic stage on the first floor, two art exhibits inhabit the next level. We walked through the exhibits and were asked to find a piece of art that spoke to us in some kind of way. The coolest thing about this was realizing there is not always a “right” way to interpret a piece of art. Depending on one’s history and beliefs, the meaning may change.

Our third stop was ArtsPlace, where we learned about opportunities to help the Lexington community through art, as well as learned how to hula-dance (it’s a lot harder than it looks!). Even though dancing was not everyone’s forte, we were taught the meaning behind the dance and saw it for more than just a few dance steps. The Children’s Theatre brought out the actors in us. We participated in several activities, such as playing with the pitch and tempo of our voices and creating still-life images of our favorite fairytales. I think we can all agree it was fun to step outside of our comforts zones and be a little silly. The Lexington Opera House gave us the opportunity to learn about the fascinating history of the venue and listen to opera students of the University of Kentucky. Many of us had never heard an opera performance and it was a beautiful art the city of Lexington really nurtures.

The last thing the Leadership Lexington class discussed was passion. We went around and said one thing that we were passion about. It was different for everyone. There were people who love numbers and others that have an affinity for politics. Some of us live to help others and others are passionate about performing, but everyone had a burning desire to do something. That is one of the most important things we can have as young leaders: passion. The members of my Leadership Lexington Youth Program are there for each other in supporting whatever passion others may have.

Media and the arts are very important in Lexington, and that’s apparent in the number of beautiful facilities and wonderful programs that are dedicated to the fields. Many of us were exposed to these places and programs for the very first time and saw the impact the arts can have on a society. We also were reminded of the importance of drive and passion, a lesson that will carry far beyond December, far beyond the end of this program, and will create life-long motivation for the LLYP class to do whatever it is that makes us want to jump out of bed in the morning.