Leadership Lexington Youth


Applications NOW AVAILABLE for the 2015-16 Class Year

ELIGIBILITY: This unique opportunity is for 11th grade students enrolled in Fayette County Schools (private, parochial, montessori and public). Home schoolers are encouraged to apply as well. Students who are currently sophomores are encouraged to apply for the upcoming school year, making them Juniors for the 2015-16 school year. Students must have a 3.0 GPA in order to participate in the program.

STRUCTURE: Applications must be submitted in hard copy by March 27, 2015 to your school contact (listed on application). Recommendation letters should be included in the application when submitted to the school contact. Commerce Lexington will only accept applications from home schooled students on March 27th.

If a student is accepted into Leadership Lexington Youth they will be required to pay a $250 Tuition Fee. The 2015-16 Leadership Lexington Youth Program will begin with a Parent/Guardian Orientation on the evening of September 1st followed by a full day Student Orientation on September 2nd. Both orientations are mandatory. Following the September orientation, students will come together once a month on the first Wednesday of the month for full day sessions. The program will conclude with a graduation in April 2016.


About the Program

MISSION: Our mission is to prepare diverse individuals for leadership through education and hands-on interaction, touching upon issues and resources pertaining to our community. The program will motivate the students to think seriously about the role they’d like to play and the difference they can make in the Lexington community.


• Provides in-depth programs that acquaint participants with community needs, issues and resources.
• Meet and interact with local leaders and decision makers.
• Visit local business, community and education sites and facilities.
• Broadens students perspective and understanding of community involvement.
• Connects to opportunities and challenges faced in career development.
• Fosters leadership development.
• Provides opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds to know one another and develop a level of mutual trust and respect.
• Creates a network of young leaders to guide the future of our community.

For more information about the Leadership Lexington Youth Program, contact Amy Carrington Stallard, program coordinator, at (859) 226-1610.

2014-15 Program Presented By:


James Motor Company / Mercedes-Benz
Sleep Outfitters
Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Inc.


Leadership Lexington Youth: Public Safety, Government Day

Article by Amelia Rogers, Henry Clay High School
This session of the Leadership Lexington Youth Program presented two vital bases of our community — government and public safety. We started our day at the Fayette County Circuit Courthouse, where Judge Kimberly Bunnell spoke to us about her career, as well as the importance of planning for our futures. After touring Judge Bunnell’s office and sitting in on a trial, we also heard from Ray Larson, the Fayette County Commonwealth’s Attorney.

We then traveled to the Government Building, where Councilman Kevin Stinnett taught us about the workings of our local government and led us in a mock council meeting, where we discussed real issues in Lexington.

After lunch, we heard from several members of the Lexington Police Department, including policemen from the K-9 Unit, Air Support, Hazardous Materials Division, and Emergency Response Unit. We all enjoyed exploring the equipment, and of course, interacting with Vic, the police dog. We also received a lecture about driving safety, which was helpful, since we are all new drivers.

At the end of the day, we traveled to the Lexington Fire Department to hear from our local firemen and to tour their vehicles. While there, we saw them respond to two emergency calls.

Throughout the day, we were all inspired by the courage, diligence, service, and love for Lexington demonstrated by our speakers. It was clear that in the face of criticism, sad situations, and even danger, these men and women are prepared to defend what is right, promote Lexington’s growth, and protect its citizens. We are all glad to have had this experience.

Leadership Lexington Youth: Higher Education Day Recap

Article by Griffin Allen, Tates Creek High School
For the February Leadership Lexington Youth Program Day, we had the privilege of visiting the range of higher education institutions Lexington has to offer. To start the day, we made our way down to the new Bluegrass Community Technical College Newton Campus and learned about the variety of opportunities BCTC has to offer students.

Then, Nick Runyon, the EBCE Program Manager for Fayette County Public Schools, gave us insight on the real world after high school and the statistics of career fields. He told us that not everyone can be at the top of the ladder and that there are more individuals who are under them on the ladder, making a great salary with a similar amount of experience and less college debt.

Next, we were on our way to Transylvania University, where we explored the campus and learned of all the great programs offered as a liberal arts institution. We also got to eat in the dining hall with Transy students. After lunch, we traveled to the University of Kentucky and toured the amazing William T. Young Library and learned essential information for the upcoming months to prepare us for college.

As a junior, the biggest questions I get asked all revolve around the subject of college and careers, which was always something that scared me, because at age 16 it’s strange having to plan the rest of your life. But, with this LLYP Day, I came to realize that this wasn’t that monumental of a task, as long as I was prepared and knew what my options were, higher education wasn’t as frightening of a topic. College and careers are vital to our future, but with proper planning and the vast wealth of knowledge I gained this day, I now can say I am fully prepared for where this journey will take me.