Leadership Lexington Youth


About the Program

MISSION: Our mission is to prepare diverse individuals for leadership through education and hands-on interaction, touching upon issues and resources pertaining to our community. The program will motivate the students to think seriously about the role they’d like to play and the difference they can make in the Lexington community.

ELIGIBILITY: This unique opportunity is for 11th grade students enrolled in Fayette County Schools (private, parochial, montessori and public). Home schoolers are encouraged to apply as well. Students who are currently sophomores are encouraged to apply for the upcoming school year, making them Juniors for the 2014-15 school year.

STRUCTURE: Applications must be submitted in hard copy by March 28, 2014 to your school contact (listed on application). Recommendation letters should be included in the application when submitted to the school contact. Commerce Lexington will only accept applications from home schooled students on March 28th. Schools will turn in to Commerce Lexington a representative number of applications based on the school enrollment. Those applications will then go into the county-wide application pool for blind scoring by the LLYP Steering Committee followed by interviews at Commerce Lexington.


• Provides in-depth programs that acquaint participants with community needs, issues and resources.
• Meet and interact with local leaders and decision makers.
• Visit local business, community and education sites and facilities.
• Broadens students perspective and understanding of community involvement.
• Connects to opportunities and challenges faced in career development.
• Fosters leadership development.
• Provides opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds to know one another and develop a level of mutual trust and respect.
• Creates a network of young leaders to guide the future of our community.

For more information about the Leadership Lexington Youth Program, contact Amy Carrington Stallard, program coordinator, at (859) 226-1610.

2014-15 Program Presented By:


James Motor Company / Mercedes-Benz
Sleep Outfitters
Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Inc.


Leadership Lexington Youth: Life 101 Recap

Article by Jordan Anderson, P.L. Dunbar High School
The Leadership Lexington Youth Program's students came to Commerce Lexington Inc. for their January meeting anxious to find out if the Life 101 session would answer the question: what do we do after high school?

Jason Cummins (pictured right), sensing our curiosity, began our day with a lesson on how to be an effective leader in our diverse city and how to create an “environment for excellence.” He discussed how this program will carry us on to a very successful career, if we work for it and aim to create a unique network of people for us to lead.

We then transitioned to the “Finding Balance in a Busy Life & Managing Stress Panel,” which was led by Leadership Lexington Youth Program Alum Cameron Sallee, current Leadership Lexington participant Caitlin Foehse, and Leadership Lexington Youth Program Steering Committee Member Robin Fleischer. These amazing individuals shared with us their stories of growth and how to effectively organize our lives to remain happy and successful. They patiently answered all of the students’ questions, and each of us felt much further prepared and comfortable with our future.

We then attended an etiquette luncheon at Malone's Banquets, where we were taught the proper way to eat and behave at a meal with professionals. Terri Thompson amazed the class as she showed us how to impress any potential interviewers or co-workers.

Finally, we had our “Show Me the Money” roundtable discussions with Terri Jones of Central Bank, Billy Lanter of Unified Trust, and Ingrid Allen from Transylvania University. We discussed paying for college, investments and stocks, and credit cards and credit scores. All the students left feeling confident about our college educations and adulthood.