Commerce Lexington Inc. plans, hosts, and supports a variety of events throughout the year, from networking and educational seminars to professional development opportunities to events bringing you up close and personal with key community and elected leaders. It’s our way of providing you with the tools and connections you need to make your business a success. Events range in attendance from 20-30 people for @330 events to over 1,000 for Commerce Lexington Inc. Annual Dinner each February.

You'll find three different styles of calendars posted on this site. One is the Commerce Lexington Inc. Events Calendar, which includes events that are planned or sponsored directly by Commerce Lexington. The second is a Community Calendar, on which CLX members have posted their own events. Contact the specific member for more information about the events that appear on the Community Calendar. Lastly, there's a calendar which includes both Commerce Lexington events and Community Events altogether.



Specific Text:

Event DateApptEvent Name
4/18/2014   Chicago Underground Duo
4/19/2014   Nick Stump's Blues All-Stars
4/19/2014   Lyric Theatre
4/19/2014   Gossamer
4/19/2014   Historic East End Walking Tour
4/20/2014   Easter Banquet Brunch
4/21/2014   Bluegrass Wellness At Work Registration Week 4
4/22/2014   LYPA New Member Orientation
4/22/2014   Bess Solutions Strategic Leadership Breakfast Series: Effective Communication Strategies Workshop
4/23/2014   ConnectForLunch
4/23/2014   Ribbon Cutting - Image 360, formerly Signs Now
4/24/2014   Ribbon Cutting - Lux Hair Bar
4/24/2014   Starting a Business in Kentucky
4/25/2014   CSA Spring Harvest Party
4/26/2014   Alumni Choir Concert
4/27/2014   43rd Annual Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital Telethon
4/27/2014   Farewell Drifters
4/29/2014   Basics of Record Keeping and Accounting
4/29/2014   Bess Solutions Strategic Leadership Breakfast Series: Championing Change Workshop.
4/30/2014   Bluegrass Wellness At Work Registration Final Day
4/30/2014   Ribbon Cutting - Willows at Citation
4/30/2014   Bourbon, Bets & Cigars
5/1/2014   Honeycutters
5/1/2014   Bluegrass Wellness At Work Starts
5/1/2014   ConnectForLunch
5/2/2014   Opening Reception for the Artists
5/2/2014   Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition
5/2/2014   LexiCon Tabletop Gaming Convention
5/2/2014   Pre-Derby Bluegrass Party: Custom Made Bluegrass & Misty Mountain String Band
5/3/2014   Derby Fever at The Thoroughbred Center
5/4/2014   Oldsmobile: for Old Friends Equine
5/6/2014   Peter Case
5/6/2014   BOAB Spring Enrollment Event
5/7/2014   Baisho Matsumoto & Tim Lake: An Evening of Kentucky and Japanese Folk Music
5/7/2014   ConnectForLunch
5/7/2014   Pinterest and Youtube for Business
5/9/2014   The American Cancer Society's "Purses Pouts and Pearls" Ladies' Specialty Party
5/13/2014   @330
5/15/2014   EMERGE 14
5/15/2014   ConnectForLunch
5/17/2014   Artists Stand Against Poverty (ASAP)
5/18/2014   Girls on the Run Central KY 5K
5/20/2014   2nd Annual Sister Cities Golf Scramble
5/21/2014   ConnectForLunch
5/22/2014   Starting a Business in Kentucky
5/29/2014   ConnectForLunch
5/30/2014   Junior Achievement Bluegrass Business Hall of Fame
6/1/2014   Leadership Expedition 2014
6/2/2014   40-Hour Basic Mediation Training
6/6/2014   Ribbon Cutting - Centered
6/10/2014   Business Link
6/15/2014   Bluegrass Wellness At Work Starts
6/21/2014   Night of the Stars
6/23/2014   21st Century Communication Skills: For Success in the Workplace and the Classroom
6/23/2014   WORKSHOP: 21st Century Communication Skills for Success in the Workplace & the Classroom
7/23/2014   Bluegrass Region's Annual Washington Fly-In
8/1/2014   Leadership Lexington 2014-2015 Sponsorships
8/6/2014   Business Link
8/16/2014   AFB Woodland Art Fair
9/4/2014   Professional Business Management Series 1
10/7/2014   Business Link
10/18/2014   International Trip - Wonders of Dubai
12/11/2014   Business Link