Commerce Lexington Inc. plans, hosts, and supports a variety of events throughout the year, from networking and educational seminars to professional development opportunities to events bringing you up close and personal with key community and elected leaders. It’s our way of providing you with the tools and connections you need to make your business a success. Events range in attendance from 20-30 people for @330 events to over 1,000 for Commerce Lexington Inc. Annual Dinner each February.

You'll find three different styles of calendars posted on this site. One is the Commerce Lexington Inc. Events Calendar, which includes events that are planned or sponsored directly by Commerce Lexington. The second is a Community Calendar, on which CLX members have posted their own events. Contact the specific member for more information about the events that appear on the Community Calendar. Lastly, there's a calendar which includes both Commerce Lexington events and Community Events altogether.



Specific Text:

Event DateApptEvent Name
8/1/2014   Leadership Lexington 2014-2015 Sponsorships
9/1/2014   Business Focus September 2014
9/30/2014   Understanding Financial Statements
10/1/2014   ConnectForLunch
10/1/2014   Chocolate Soiree
10/1/2014   Kenan Lecture: Eric Klein
10/1/2014   The Carnegie Center's First Draft Series: How to Write a Novel in 30 Days
10/1/2014   Business Focus October 2014
10/2/2014   UK Appalachian Forum with Mimi Pickering
10/2/2014   The Carnegie Series at Joseph-Beth: How to Write a Novel in 30 Days
10/2/2014   Introduction to Illustrator
10/2/2014   Styles of Fall
10/2/2014   Empowering Women in Business
10/2/2014   No School Day of Classes
10/2/2014   Ribbon Cutting - Happy Hearts Gifts
10/2/2014   LiveGreenLexington Green Business Challenge Launch
10/3/2014   Yoga
10/4/2014   GRE Prep
10/4/2014   How to Write a Novel in 30 Days
10/4/2014   Middle School LEGO® & Books
10/4/2014   Healthy Loving Leads to Healthy Minds for KY RNs & LPNs 3.0 CEUs
10/4/2014   FALL FESTIVAL
10/6/2014   Kentucky Cyber Security Summit
10/6/2014   Writing Horror: From Start to Finish
10/6/2014   Independent Film Networking Group
10/7/2014   Click, Clack, Moo: Fun With Sounds
10/7/2014   Using Your iPad/iPhone
10/7/2014   Empowering Men in Business
10/7/2014   Mask Making with Jenni Phillips
10/7/2014   Tiles, Teapots and Textured Boxes - Ceramics class
10/7/2014   Business Link
10/7/2014   Good Morning Bluegrass
10/7/2014   Women Leading Kentucky Fall Roundtable
10/9/2014   ConnectForLunch
10/9/2014   Basic Code for Beginners with Game Elements
10/9/2014   Beginning Landscape Oil Painting with Stevie Moore
10/9/2014   INTERACTIVE SOCIAL: Half-Day Digital Conference
10/9/2014   19th Annual Leather Inc Pen Show
10/9/2014   Bluegrass Tomorrow Celebrates 25 Years of Connecting the Bluegrass
10/9/2014   Genre Bending: Turning a Poet's Eye Towards Creative Nonfiction
10/10/2014   Food Truck Friday
10/10/2014   Public Policy Luncheon
10/11/2014   Out
10/11/2014   Healthy Loving Leads to Healthy Minds
10/11/2014   Pumpkin Festival
10/11/2014   Writing Your Own Obituary
10/11/2014   Early Learner Book Club
10/11/2014   Toddler Reading Group
10/13/2014   Protecting Your Music & Lyrics
10/13/2014   The 3rd Annual John Morris Golf Classic
10/14/2014   @330
10/14/2014   Catch Up On Catcher
10/15/2014   Just Enough German
10/15/2014   ConnectForLunch
10/15/2014   Public Policy Breakfast
10/16/2014   New Member Luncheon
10/17/2014   First10IN
10/18/2014   Recycled Wearable Art Workshop
10/18/2014   International Trip - Wonders of Dubai
10/18/2014   October Festival
10/18/2014   Introduction to HTML & CSS
10/18/2014   Playing with Tense in Memoir
10/20/2014   National Day on Writing
10/20/2014   Home Free
10/22/2014   Sayre School Admission Open House
10/23/2014   International Eating and Reading Night
10/23/2014   ConnectForLunch
10/23/2014   Introduction to InDesign
10/25/2014   Writing & Marketing a 10-Minute Play
10/25/2014   CKRH Halloween Tack Sale & Trail Ride
10/25/2014   Harvest Festival
10/25/2014   MisterE of Imagination: Tales of Edgar Allan Poe
10/29/2014   ConnectForLunch
10/29/2014   Photographs by Max Payne
10/29/2014   Sayre School Admission Open House
10/29/2014   Monthly Book Discussion
10/30/2014   Ribbon Cutting - Lux Hair Bar
10/30/2014   Women Leading Kentucky Fall Roundtable
11/1/2014   BOOk-tacular Halloween Party
11/1/2014   Day of the Dead Festival`
11/1/2014   Writing for Your Kids
11/2/2014   "Americana"
11/3/2014   Independent Film Networking Group
11/4/2014   Drawing: Gifts of the Masters with Karen Geesey
11/4/2014   New Looks for Old Books with Deborah Slone
11/4/2014   Painting from Photographs Patrick Smith
11/4/2014   Bookbinding Workshop with Nicole Hand
11/4/2014   Fruit Still Life with Oil Pastels with Jerielle Hanlon
11/5/2014   skirt! After Work at Corman Marketplace
11/6/2014   Teen Howl Poetry Series
11/7/2014   Carnegie Classics: Catcher in the Rye
11/7/2014   Jubilee Jobs of Lexington Celebrates Five Years in Lexington and Kicks off “Year of Dignity and Hope”
11/8/2014   ACT Test Prep
11/8/2014   Toddler Reading Group
11/8/2014   Early Learner Book Club
11/9/2014   The Carnegie Center's First Draft Series: Introduction to Fiction Writing
11/11/2014   iPad/iPhone Social Media Apps
11/11/2014   @330
11/14/2014   Gourmet Learning Introduction to Social Media
11/15/2014   Book Arts: Coptic Stitch using Recycled Materials
11/15/2014   26th Annual Evening with the S*T*A*R*S
11/18/2014   Carnegie Center's Family Fun & Learning Nights: Celebrate Culture
11/19/2014   Labors of Love & Leadership
11/20/2014   Women Leading Kentucky Fall Roundtable
11/20/2014   The Houses of Richard B. Isenhour
11/21/2014   The Carnegie Series at Joseph-Beth: Overnight Write-In
11/22/2014   Designing Your Book
11/22/2014   Bell Bottom Boogie 70' Bash
11/26/2014   Monthly Book Discussion
11/29/2014   A Charlie Brown Christmas
12/1/2014   Independent Film Networking Group
12/4/2014   Teen Howl Poetry Series
12/9/2014   @330
12/11/2014   Business Link
12/13/2014   Toddler Reading Group
12/13/2014   Early Learner Book Club
12/14/2014   Rapunzel
1/1/2015   Guide to the Bluegrass 2015
1/1/2015   Minority Business Resource Guide 2015-16
1/1/2015   2015 Legislative Guide and Public Policies
1/25/2015   Señora Tortuga
2/22/2015   Dr. Seuss's Cat in the Hat
3/21/2015   A Thousand Cranes
4/19/2015   The Giver
6/6/2015   Fro-Jo's Summer Concert Series